Reliability.  Safety. Respect. Flexibility. Solution-driven.  All Weather. Anytime. Anywhere.

"I have noticed a true spirit of customer responsiveness and effective problem solving. Whenever there is a problem, their management team worked quickly to resolve the issue.

Their drivers are polite, professional, and their vans are always clean, customer friendly and safe.

I feel that Van Go provides superior service and is one of the top paratransit companies in our area.

It continues to be a pleasure to work with them...”

A Grace Place, Richmond VA

“Van Go Inc. of Richmond is an excellent provider that truly is a partner with the VA Medicaid Transportation program. 

Van Go Inc. of Richmond employees receive excellent training that correlates to very few complaints or customer service issues.

Van Go Inc. of Richmond has one of the best maintained vehicle fleets in the state.

Van Go Inc. of Richmond is a very valuable asset to the success of the NEMT program.”

Virginia Dept of Medical Assistance

Van  Go  goes "...above and beyond what the other transportation companies do. They strive to be on time and to continually provide excellent customer services. Their drivers are willing to assist my dialysis patients and their belongings to get on and off the van.

The office staff is always willing to make adjustments in the schedule and answer my many questions.

If a problem does occur Van Go responds professionally and resolves it.”

Richmond Dialysis Center

“Without any prompting from our management, Van Go placed one of their staff members at our central call-center location in order to handle our employees’ questions and changes, and remove as much work from our side of the equation as possible.

 I would like to note the extreme commitment of the Van Go drivers and staff during the two large snow storms...allowed our centers to stay open. We would recommend Van Go for any human-service transportation needs that you may have."

Minacs Richmond VA