5805 School Ave.
Richmond VA 23228
VADMV Permit#27


The Van Go Difference


The most important aspect of Van Go, Inc. of Richmond is that while we have grown to be one of the largest privately owned transport companies in the area, we are still a single-owner small business with a philosophy that one would expect from their closest neighbors. The owner has grown up and lived in Richmond for over 45 years, and our company motto has always been behind the hiring and training of each and every driver and employee.

So many of our customers and their families are elderly, physically or mentally challenged, or have communication problems that we have decided the best way to provide excellent telephone service is to always answer the phone in person rather than with a machine. Van Go, Inc. of Richmond has chosen to expand our call center rather than switch to an automated answering system to ensure clear, personal communications with all of our clientele.

Mr. del Cardayre and the General Manager still personally interview and hire all of the drivers so as to maintain the highest standards of ability, friendliness, professionalism, and to ensure that “Patience, Kindness, Tolerance, and Love” will always be reflected in the company.

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