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Overview of Vehicles, Backup Vehicles, and Fleet Flexibility

For more than 20 years, Van Go, Inc. of Richmond has been evolving our choice of fleet vehicles and developing the best strategy for ensuring we have the back-up vehicles that we need. Through the firms of Vartanian Industries and Quality Van Sales, we have built a top-of-the-line fleet of standard vans and wheelchair vans that exceed most industry standards.

We generally keep approximately 10% more vehicles in the fleet than are need for the trips we are running. This is plenty to cover breakdown, regular preventative maintenance, and work fluctuations.

Our fleet currently consists of more than 70 vehicles including 37 ambulatory vehicles and 35 wheelchair accessible vehicles. The accessible vehicles are multi-service vans, which will hold a combination of wheelchairs and ambulatory clients. These vehicles are excellent back-up vehicles because they can be used as either wheelchair or ambulatory vans.

The condition of our fleet is a source of pride. Vehicles are in excellent condition and this includes vehicle bodies and paint. Accidents will occur in the transportation business. Nonetheless, vehicles are promptly repaired to original condition and kept that way.

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